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Liz Prok Bio

Born in a small town in East Lancashire called Bacup, Liz dreamed of seeing the world, of leaving the gloomy North West forever.

After graduating from Manchester University in 1997, she realised her travelling goal, hoping to Find Herself.

She looked in South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia. But Liz was nowhere to be found.

She kept going. South America, Norway, Germany. Eventually back to the UK. Scotland, Portsmouth, Devon, London. The search continued.

Mountain Horizon

In 2018 she took a job in Hertfordshire, and to her surprise, it was here, in the aptly named ‘Home’ Counties that Liz was finally found.

Well, she realised that Liz had been there all along.

That the people she met, the places she’d been and the things she’d done, all played a part in who she was. The North West no longer seemed gloomy, but a part of her identity to be proud of.

Liz is a mountain biker, a physiotherapist, a comedian and a writer. She’s a daughter a sister and a friend. She’s outspoken and thoughtful, straight-talking and kind.

Liz hopes that this blog will help young women to find their voice, their identity and their passions in life.

So, join our community. Get in touch. Let us know your opinions and thoughts, your ideas and dreams.

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