Liz Prokopowicz

Cycling 1

Pedal Power

One of the positives to be emerging from the pandemic is more people riding bikes. Liz hopes this will be a long term effect, and will mean increased investment in cycling infrastructure. In this blog from 2017, she discusses the power in the pedals……..

Hero 2


whether it’s a greater comfort in her own skin, an experience of sexism at work, or a changing perspective with age, Liz is increasingly and acutely aware of the impact and importance of championing female heroes. Here she tells you about some of those heroes.

Fitness scaled

Food For Thought

Do we focus too much on what we eat, and not enough on how, where or with who we eat it? Liz examines her relationship to food, and discovers that there is more to healthy eating than calorie content.

Red Mohawk scaled

It’s Just a Phase

The search for self has brought with it a number of ‘phases.’For as long as I can remember, there has been some Thing. A hobby, a preoccupation. An all-consuming focus that could go from the centre of my universe to my parent’s loft in a matter of weeks.